Frohes Schaffen

4:14 PM


yesterday, we inaugurate the artstudio from my wife Claudia Liekam at Hamburg, Germany.

Enclosed some photos.

The view, when you enter Claudia´s studio.

I put some examples of my mail art.
In the background, you see the Hinterhof of Marktstrasse 138, Karolinenviertel, Hamurg.



View at studio with myself.

View at studio with herself.

Claudia and Hands.

Visitors to our inauguration.

Other visitors to our inauguration.

My painting in honour to my German grandmother, who painted flowers.

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3 Kommentare

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  2. Cool shots! Hans, you look like my ex husband, he too had nice long dark hair. My new beau has none!
    Dragonfly Dream

  3. Me parecen maravillosos los cuadros enmarcados cerca de la ventana.
    Son de Claudia? Me gustaria que me mandaras imagenes de esos tres que dan hacia afuera del edificio.
    Felicitaciones, m encantaron.


Cross of south

Cross of south
Painting on wood, 150 x 150cm, 1994

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