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Estoy Libre o Vendido, Visual Poem, H. Braumueller, 2009

This visual poem is dedicated to Rodney Gulle, a chilean artist, from the lost generation or so called artists from the transition in between dictatorship and democracy. Rodney Gulle founded with Ciro Beltran and Hans Braumueller during 1986 the young artist students collective "La Preciosa Nativa" (The Pretty Native") and did with difficulties without sponsorship a contercultural magazine in offset or photocopies which was distributed in local libraries, on walls, the Faculty of Art in Las Encinas, alternatives art galleries and after Hans Braumueller joined the mail art network, also by mail art at international level.

The collective emerged during the student election process where they and others goes as "Lista Alternativa" to the students elections in the Art Faculty of the University of Chile in opposition to all existing political parties, because they wanted create a young artist movements, that overtakes the ancient roots to transform the contemporary art in Chile. This art was and is in the most cases a art without identity which copies with a political pretext the art fashions developed from the first world. Also the political and cultural concepts are often mirrors on what happen in the United States and Europe. These upper class actitudes derives from the colonization past of Chile, dominates still the discourse in Chile and determinate which artist have success in the corrupted market and which not.

In the years up to 1992 the collective did a poster for the streets to announce the first indigenous congress of the mapuche people since they makes the state threats with the Kingdom of Spain in Temuco, Chile. This congress was organized by traditional leaders of Congreso de Todas Las Tierras. In the collective "La Preciosa Nativa" participated among 40 mostly young artists, between them the died Clanton, Marcela Arredondo, Erich Schleyer, Gonzalo Nuñez, Janet Toro, Victor Villaroel, Carlos Montes de Oca and Gregorio Berchenko.

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Cross of south

Cross of south
Painting on wood, 150 x 150cm, 1994

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