My art and work is drawn by projects

Enclosed find some links to my main projects. 

I mantained the mail art networking project Crosses.Net, since many years. In the beginning round about 1998, Merlin helps me the first years. He do not any more mail art since some years. Crosses.Net hosted some personal and collaborative artist projects, where i am or was engaged. At the homepage of Crosses.Net you find these projects, like Crosses of the Earth, which was exhibited in 2000, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile.

If you want support these non profit projects please provide us a back link or share our plattform. You can currently participate at following mail art projects at Crosses.Net:

Corn on Mother Earth
Mail Art Forums
Identity and Globalization

My newest website for the public in Chile you find at,
it is in spanish.

Cross of south

Cross of south
Painting on wood, 150 x 150cm, 1994

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