By Hans Braumüller, Ruggero Maggi, Clemente Padín, and Chuck Welch, 2020.

The document UNITED IN MAIL ART reports the birth and development of this form of artisticexpression known as MAIL ART ... without a doubt, the largest in relation to the number of participants, extension -both spatial and temporal- and, all this, outside the industry of art ...only explainable by its confessed purpose of working outside the area of commerce, privilegingcommunication and mastery of use (not of exchange value) ... therefore it will never die. For a genuine communication, two interlocutors are enough exercising their social role.
Clemente Padín, Montevideo, 21.05.2020.

Find Spanish version of zine edition at.academia.edu/UNIDOS_EN_EL_ARTE_CORREO